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alive. >> tech bloggers are talking about this because it showcases the s beam technology that you mentioned that is on the samsung galaxy. basically meaning you touch your phones together and you can share content videos, music, pictur pictures, whatever. >> like it. >> i think you can see why people are talking about this big time because -- >> we're led to believe it's a sexy naughty video and she's a beautiful blonde woman, a cute mom. >> yes. >> all the husbands thinking i've got to get a samsung galaxy so my wife can make me naughty videos for the trip. >> if the daughters only knew what mom was sending dad. >> just your ordinary, everyday stop over for gas in midair. until -- >> what the heck just happened? >> see how it nearly goes terribly wrong, next. >> and november means growing a mustache, and this guy is showing us how. >> smell wood. >> our guys are in. see why, o >>> it's time for our monday edition of the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> ed bass master is back with his prank he pulls on people except this time he brou
individual classes with them each day. >> we do like -- skills. >> we are the people -- technology facilitated everything for us so much that we have lost common sense? >> sometimes, yes. >> this is buzz, look what happened to poor buzz. >> my car just goes out in the middle of nowhere. i didn't even know that could happen. and then, i'm not joking, no cell phone service. it was like a total dead zone out there. >> notice he broke down right next to a call box. watch what he goes through. >> if i would have been able to send a tweet. i would have had a herd of people there, a herd of followers leading me home. >> there's no cell phone service, so oh now, i'm lost. >> he tries to take a picture of his engine, to his mechanic friend. >> fortunately, after i didn't send a tweet or post an update for like six or seven minutes, my friends knew something was wrong. they went to the gps location of my last tweet and they found me. and they saved me. twitter saved my life. >> this is really -- a satirical piece on the fact that so many people, yeah, they are dependant on their cell phones.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)